Day two of meditation

So today my partner and I got on the road for a camping trip! It’s been a long time coming and it was a lot of organisation and stress. In fact, I got overwhelmed and had a bit of a moment with my partner at our first rest stop. But he listened to me, was patient and caring, and instead of feeling ignored and a hassle I felt loved. Within 10 minutes my whole mood turned around.

The other good news is that I finally successfully updated my Apple ID and password so that I could purchase the full version of headspace!
We just had lunch at a cute little rest stop called Rosie’s cafe and had some of “Australia’s best chicken”, haha, it was nice. Now we are on our way to dingo tops campsite, nestled in amongst Tapin Top National park. Guna be an adventure getting there. Our brief little stop in Taree was a success though, very smooth and easy esky finding/buying!

Though I didn’t have time for meditation today, I did write a list of what I was grateful for (which doubles as a momento of sorts for the holiday! Which is pretty cool 🙂 ). Plus, like I mentioned earlier, I’m also all set up to start now. The app is purchased, I’ve picked the pack id like to do. I’m ready 🙂


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