Day three of meditation

January third- I meditated!! I started the depression pack in headspace and learnt a bit about note taking; being aware when thinking and feeling. It felt great! Meditating is great! I did it at 730am; we woke at 630, had some breaky, then I meditated in the tent.
So glad i made time for it. The stellar location helps too though, the birds sounds are magical. 
Few hours later, after a hike that left me anxious and riddled with leeches (though still in good spirits), my partner and I had a sandwich each for lunch then hit the road again! Off to elenborough falls.
We made a pit stop on the way which was lovely, but most of it was just a beautiful scenic drive. It left me feeling so full of wonder and joy. When you think about it, life really is so short. Every opportunity is such a wonder. Something to marvel at. I’m really hoping this feeling lasts because it has really made me appreciate my life. It’s made me really enthusiastic not to waste my life, to seize opportunities and moments. And if the feeling ever fades, I absolutely have to do this more often.

Ok so, I’m now set up at Tia fall campground in wild Oxley national park, and we’ve had a ripper of a day!! Ellenborough falls was absolutely incredible. We swam right under the waterfall, absolutely amazing afternoon!

Now we have an awesome set up at our new campsite, dinner is cooking, the fire is burning, tent is ready… Amazing.

We are absolutely knackered and have been giddy with excitement all day.


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