Day four of meditation

January 4th- I meditated! Did day 2 of the depression pack. It was good but even though I’m quite content atm I realised how busy my mind STILL is, even on holiday, camping in a beautiful national park. Made me realise how important this particular monthly focus is for me.
In other news, I woke up at 820 to some wallabies outside my tent, gorgeous little things. And I did my meditation on a yoga mat by the edge of my campsite after going through a few yoga positions; listening to the bird sounds and the nearby falls/fiver, it was incredibly lovely.
What an amazing morning! Following the above we went for a walk to the Tia fall lookout and the Tia gorge, both awesome, but then we went on a little detour…. TO THE MOUTH OF THE WATERFALL! We went down a few of its layers and skinny dipped and made love under the waterfall. It was amazing. Absolutely, and completely, amazing. Totally secluded because it was off the track and down a lot of sheer rocks, BUT WE DID IT! I laid naked on the rock looking out over the view, I’ll remember that forever. There’s something sooooo beautiful about being naked in the great outdoors.

Later that day we drove to Armidale for some food, and then to long point camping ground. It was completely empty and secluded! Not a single other canper. Which was kind of anazing! Another great day!


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