Day five of meditation

January 5th- woke up at 7 this morning but phone was dead so I couldn’t do my meditation.That’s ok, I’ll try and find time later tonight or maybe at our pit stop in never never creek. It’s been another big day already, and it’s not over yet! We did a small walk at long point camp ground to a lookout over chandler gorge. Then we hit the road, travelling to Wollomombi falls. Which, quite honestly, I would’ve happily skipped entirely. It was nothing we hadn’t already seen in the morning, there was no water therefore no waterfalls, and I nearly died from exhaustion on one of the walks after also having diarrhoea. All in all, I’m now buggered and wished we had skipped it. Buuuut oh well! The trip was bound to have ONE thing that wasn’t 10/10.

Anyways, on the road again on our way to never never creek and hopefully a beach by the end of the day for a pub feed 🙂
Was feeling incredibly tired while trying to find never never creek, it all hit me very quickly. I was exhausted.
Made it to hat head into hungry camping ground. Set the tent up in record time and had the BEST SWIM EVER! Now having dinner at a bowling club, it’s awesome!!!
Unfortunately won’t be able to meditate, the new campsite is quite noisy! But atleast going to get an early night because since I’m so tired I’ll fall asleep despite the noise!

Just goes to show, it’s always best to meditate in the morning, ESPECIALLY when on holidays. Anything can come up afterwards, where as in the mornings people are generally happy to have their own “me time” and routines, no negative things have happened a yet to make you stew over them and in fact if I’ve meditated in the morning I generally find less negativity seeps in way in all day because I approach problems differently. Meditation in the morning is certainly the biggest lesson I’m finding so far.


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