Day six of meditation 

January 6th- up at 6:45 and ready to start the day! So keen to get to the beach. Just did a bit of yoga, my partner made me some toast and tea for breaky. Will meditate after; perfect morning.
I did it! I meditated after early lunch at 1145. We packed up the tent and then drove along the beach, stopped for a couple of swims, then drove into crescent head for another beach visit, lunch and swim. Was a bit grouchy for a bit there but feeling awesome after meditating. Swim time again now!! 🙂

Had an awesome lunch at a cute little cafe in town at crescent head, then hit the road for the drive home. The bf made excellent time. We sang, and chatted and danced and mused on our own thoughts for the whole trip home. We arrived home in a flash it feels like. I got to see my boys (I have two cats), unpack a bit, put on some Laundry, walk to a Thai place for dinner with my lovely partner, and be in bed writing this post by 930! What a day. An absolutely excellent 5 days it has been. And meditation had ALWAYS improved everything.


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