Day eight of meditation

I just meditated! It’s 9pm, proving I can do it any time. I still think it works best in the morning, the brain is also much less busy then. Which helps focus on the meditation rather than your busy mind, but it’s still a great feeling.
Basically what I learnt about keeping my meditation up today is that you can’t make excuses. It really is only ten minutes so if things came up in the morning there will always be ten minutes somewhere in your day.

I feel much better for meditating than I did while watching the telly. So it really can get done each and every day. What I need to remember is the resolutions this year are as much about the specific goal themselves as they are about an entire lifestyle change.

Just get out there and DO, stop making excuses just do what makes me happy. Do do do.

Ps today was a lovely day. We had a great time at our friends birthday party last night (partying is sometimes a very anxious making activity for me), drank a lot (but never out of control), had lots of laughs and happy times, my partner and I reconnected sexually (with my depression that can also suffer sometimes). Then this morning we went to town and got a feed, went to Newcastle baths at the beach then also went to the beach, which was absolutely divine. Chilled at their house after, then the drive home was cruisey. My partner and I got some bitching off our chests about others, once again reconnecting to be on the same team. That being said, though I believe in venting to a point, I did notice it put both of us in a rather stuck mindset of tension, both of us were a bit more tightly wound afterwards.  Even so, the rest of the night has been very cruisey. Because I was starting to feel a bit stressed and negative and weighed down, by some serious chat and feelings, I decided I absolutely had to excuse myself to attend to my goals of meditation, and the meditation completely helped! Now I only feel a little of what I felt before 🙂

Good day 🙂 good meditating.



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