Day nine of meditation

Meditation truly is amazing. I got to it at 10am today. And leading up to it I could feel myself caught up in thoughts and feelings and was aware, “wow, I need to meditate already. I’m being overly judgemental and negative already.”

Finding a suitable spot, a quiet and comfortable place, for my meditation is often one of my deterrents in sticking to the habit. Outside its too hot or too cold or too windy or too distracting or too hard to hear my meditation guide, inside my housemate and partner distract me, in the gym people come and go too much, in our courtyard it’s uncomfortable, in my bedroom I’ve read to not use your bedroom for anything other than sleep and sex, and the list goes on. I always find an excuse. And the worst part of it is my excuses often happen entirely in my mind without my being totally aware I’m even doing it. Unaware of my own mind I’ve already convinced myself out of meditating before I’ve even begun to think about meditating consciously.

But today I thought, as I’ve written before, no more excuses! You’re doing this! I went into my bedroom and it was quite nice actually 🙂

My point is, there are always going to be things that try to persuade you away from positive change. Giving up isn’t just easier, it can happen without even knowing its happening. At the end of the day, you just have to find a way around those deterrents, and you have to have systems in place that remind you to stick to your goals. For me, this website is already helping so much. The app I’m using is helping so much, it reminds me several times a day to be mindful.

Whatever the goal, it really is helping me to reduce it to, simply, doing. Do, then if your anticipated problems still arise then ok, deal with them. But don’t talk yourself out of something before you’ve given yourself a chance. Always do first. Then reflect. Not the other way around.


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