Day ten of meditation

Today was a very, very busy day.

I started my holiday job. Got up at 630am and didn’t get home until 630pm. Screaming children all day really takes it out of you!

When I got home, my wonderful partner had organised dinner. We ate, watched some telly, I washed up, had a second shower (so swelteringly hot today!) and then decided, “it’s 930pm but I’d still really benefit from meditating and i feel like I need it.”

And I did.

I was half asleep doing it, but I’m still glad I did it. It’s hard fitting in meditation around work. I hope to do it in the morning tomorrow but I know it’s unlikely.

It’s good to know that I can still get it done in the evening though 🙂

I don’t know… It’s hard. It’s hard to do all the normal “day to day” stuff and still have time for yourself. It really is. It’s going to require aLOT of determination by me to stick to this particular focus area. But I am determined, because I already feel SO MUCH BETTER for it. It gives me a point of focus each day when things crop up. I know I have to keep “doing”.


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