Day fourteen of meditation

I completed my tenth session of the depression pack on headspace today. Which means I’ve only missed 4 days of the month so far, and considering its JANUARY, and there’s always so much going on and no real routine happening, it feels like quite an achievement 🙂

The morning got away from me a bit today, so I ended up meditating in the afternoon. I was so tired already that I fell asleep afterwards. Which makes me think, again, mornings would be better. I’m not doing meditation to fall asleep, I’m doing it to let go. So it’s important to practice those skills when I’ll need them the most, when my mind is busiest.

That being said, meditating at any time is certainly proving better than no meditation at all. So I’m doing well, and happy to say that this focus for the month has been a big success so far 🙂


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