Day sixteen of meditation

I’m LOVING visualisation. The guide of my app walks me through a visualisation where a stream of light or energy slowly fills my entire body and it’s quite an enlightening experience.

Yesterday, unfortunately, I did not make time to do this activity a few times like is suggested, so I will aim to do that today and report back for successes.

Today, however, the guide did mention that it’s normal to expect some emotions to come to the surface when doing this exercise, so I’m not entirely surprised that my anxieties and a few unsettling emotions returned/emerged later in the afternoon. Today, if that happens, I will try to complete the activity again because yesterday I think I continue to hold onto those feelings. I brought them to the surface then I suspended them there. Many of them sunk back inside as well, I fear. So today, when that happens I need to ensure I release them and let them go rather than feeling them then pushing them back down for them to return.

I completed the same session again this afternoon. I didn’t find it AS rejuvenating the second time around but still well worth doing. I think if I do it again today I’ll just complete the activity myself, unguided. Working my way through the visualisation technique.


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