Day eighteen of meditation

Meditation for the day? Check!

It’s 3:37pm, so it took me a while. I attempted to do it AT work this morning. I had a short morning shift. The lesson I learned? You absolutely cannot meditate and multitask. After a few minutes I just stopped because I was always worried I’d be interrupted.

With the house to myself when I got home I was so excited to do nothing! Which is why meditation took so long to do, I still st it as a “decision” or a “chore”. However, a little self-check was all I needed to remind myself that meditation actually feels good and I’m only stopping myself from having a great experience. It’s so easy to say to yourself “eh, I’ll skip it today”, “I can’t be bothered”, “I’d rather…” Etc etc. Something I do a lot. In enters thedocolumn. These are things I’ve given a lot of thought to, dabbled with over the years, etc etc. In my focus month have, I have to make an extra special effort to stay focused on those goals, not make excuses for avoiding them and simply do 🙂

So I did it, I meditated, and I feel awesome 🙂 just what I needed.

Loving meditation month 🙂

The idea, for anyone reading and as a reminder to myself, is that in my focus months I learn about what it takes to take certain good habits going. Making the activities that I KNOW will enrich my life actually happen and theeeeen…

Keep doing them!

That was why I did meditation first. I’ve flirted with the concept before but never really committed to it. I truly think out of all of my focus ideas it stands to help me live a fulfilled and authentic life the most.

It’s only day eighteen and I’ve already learnt so much 🙂


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