Day twenty one of meditation

Oh wow. What a session. Transported me.

At the end of the session to it discussed how meditation helps to free up some space for other feelings such as appreciation and gratitude. So I’ve done a gratefulness thing before buuuut the series suggests i start writing three things im grateful for each day so I’ll include that for today’s post.

1, I’m grateful for the most perfect weather. Sunny but not too hot, just the right amount of breeze, no rain. It meant I got to have a lovely day outside exploring a few places with my partner. We tried a new cafe for lunch, found a croquet club that I can’t wait to try, a cool lawn bowls place that was amazing, and generally had a lovely afternoon together.

2, my partner taking my advice. He is trying to quit smoking at the moment and it is quite the sore point between us at times. But today, I expressed to him that I think he needs to also attempt to quit the behavioural addiction of smoking whenever he feels the urge (rather than just focusing on the nicotine addiction by replacing his cigarettes with patches). And he listened! He agreed! And he dis it! I’m so grateful to have a partner that respects my input.

3- I’m grateful for wonderful friends. Last minute two of my friends joined us for the afternoon and we had a great time with them. It’s so great having people in my life with whom I feel so comfortable. I’m lucky. 


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