Gratitude 1

My cats: they bring so much comfort and joy to my life. My two ginger tabby brothers give me so much happiness and inner contentment. They make me feel… Wholesome.

My friends: a couple of years ago I was put in a difficult position and ended up deciding to say goodbye to the oldest friends I had, feeling that it was what was best for my happiness and self worth. That loss of connection though, that depth of friendship, was a gaping hole for me for many years. But just yesterday I realised that, over time, I’m beginning to develop that depth again with some newer friends. We’ve know eachother got a few years now but the friendships are becoming closer and stronger. It’s incredibly valuable to me, and I’m so grateful for that blossoming part of my life.

The sunshine: the weather was so perfect this afternoon. It’s something that should not be taken for granted, sitting back and watching the world around you do its thing on a perfect summers day. 


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