Whilst gratefulness is something I want to spend a month focusing on at some point, I think I’ll have to use that month to elaborate on a practice my meditation month now requires me to start. 

This is my first post dedicated entirely to gratefulness and originally I thought I’d simply write down things I was grateful for that day when my gratitude focus month came up. However, it is my first focus month and I’ve chosen meditation, and my headspace app guide has recommended I start writing down three things I’m grateful for to begin fostering an appreciative mindset, so as to help with my meditation practice (among other things). So I’ve decided to do that as of today, and when my focus month comes up I will find a way to elaborate on my gratitude practice.

For now, I will leave this post here as an introduction to the concept and then start a new post for the things I’m grateful for when the day is coming to a close, as I believe it should be done at the end of the day. It’s a nice way to summarise the day anyway.

Minimum three, but as many as I’d like. Some days it’s will be hard, other days it will feel quite easy.


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