Gratitude 4

My parents: through all of my mental health issues I’ve had a lot of financial hardships. But my parents have supported me through all of them. I don’t dare think of what would have happened to me by now if I hadn’t had there support. Originally the object of my gratitude here was my mum, but I altered in to include my parents. Essentially, my dad has a condition that has, over the  past few years rendered him completely disabled, body and mind. So my mum has been the person I call for help. But the thing is, I know my dad feels the same way as my mum, and is just as much as part of supporting me. He can’t say it with words, but I know he’s in there, thinking it, making the same decisions. I’m grateful to have parents who are so incredibly supportive.

Self-sufficiency and the circumstances that allow it to come forth: I had a complete melt down today. When my boyfriend called to tell me he wasn’t coming home tonight and was instead going out with friends, I was devastated. I encouraged him to go, but I truly felt I needed him and I felt completed rejected when I needed comfort most. But, funny thing, in letting him go, I managed to care for myself. Without wasting time on pointless details the point is, I now feel markedly better. Depleted, but much more in control. And it’s all thanks to my own self-sufficiency 🙂 

Flora: the beautiful, soft, green leaves sprouting through the hedges my partner and I passed on our way back from a cafe while waiting for our car to be serviced.


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