Gratitude 5

Today I was overwhelming grateful for my boyfriend. All three things are about him.

Living partner who contributes to the household: my partner helps me cook, do the groceries, and cleans like no man I’ve ever met. All of these don’t happen naturally for him, it’s not his own habits that get him there, but slowly and surely we are ironing out our kinks of what it means to both contribute to the running of our household in a way that makes us both happy. He doesn’t relish chores, nor do I or the next person, but he doesn’t eventually do them, and boy does he do then we’ll when he does finally do them.

Comfort, patience and understanding: this evening I had a breakdown about various things in my life and though initially frustrated with me, he ended up holding my hand and comforting me for half an hour atleast. I went from feeling alone in the world, sad and pathetic, to comforted, stronger within myself and understood, like I wasn’t a complete psycho that no one could empathise with.

Sense of humour: my boyfriend is very playful and always makes me smile and laugh. I’m constantly teasing him about not being funny, but in his own way he completely lights up my life with his sense of humour.

I’m so grateful for all of these qualities of his, and I think it’s especially important to recognise them on days when I’m being doubtful that he is right for me. 


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