February: Expression and Creativity

It’s still January 31st but I’ve put a lot of thought into what my focus month will be for February and I was just so excited to get started I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

Expression and Creativity, my new focus!

(Note, I have emboldened what I would like to start on ASAP, even tomorrow for as many as I can.)

There are so many ways I could go about pursuing this, and (ironically, considering it’s what I aim to do for this month) once I started thinking about how to live out this goal for the month the ideas would not stop. I will roughly “paint a picture” for you (creativity joke, insert laughter).

I love the idea of some sort of video journal, but as I don’t want to publicise myself in that way all over the internet I’m not sure how to go about this. For now, I think I’ll settle on the idea of simply videoing myself on my computer each morning to talk about how I’d like to go about my focus for the day.

In the same vein of expressing my thoughts, and as an alternative (or supplementary) to a video journal, I’d like to try and write in my journals (not here, I need it to be private I think).

I’d like to find a swing dance or lindy hop etc type class to attend, I’ve always been tantalised by the idea of expressing myself through dance. I could also simply try going to something at the Sydney Dance Company, I’ve been once before and though with people I felt uncomfortable around, I was inspired to try again alone. I’ve done a bit tonight, but I’d like to do some research on this tomorrow so I can make any necessary booking and mark things in my calendar. For example, there’s a place called Miss Peaches in Newtown that I think hosts swing lessons. I also have a feeling I’ve taken videos of places that do it too. Plus there’s a place called The Basement in Sydney somewhere that might offer them.

I have a few projects I’d LOVE to get going on: recipe book project and/or website, bucketlist and activities folder (for inspiration on the days I need it!), a quotes display book, a photo album of my summer so far (I’ve done some pretty awesome things), a photo album of my partner and I. I’d like to buy necessary supplies and start planning these.

I’d like to attend a pottery class, I found one recently that looks interesting. I’ll need to book this I assume.

I’d like to attend a meetup or two, to meet some like minded expressive individuals. I’ll need to finish up some research I did tonight and mark any interesting looking events in my calendar.

I’d like to attend a painting workshop in newtown that I looked into a while ago. I also think there is a group that gathers in the city, or perhaps the MCA. I’ll need to look into this, for the Newtown one I think I have an old email somewhere, I almost went one day..

I’d simply like to start painting again in general. I have a few projects in mind, but I’d LOVE to start painting for therapy, painting my feelings. Instead of reacting to others, I’d like to document what I’m feeling through art. I’d also LOVE to start creating “My Story” using art. I’ve dabbled with this idea before but I’d very much like to explore that now. Could I paint tomorrow?!

I’d like to dye my hair. I’ll need to book a time in with a friend of mine, she is a busy girl and we’ve already discussed that she’d like to help.

On that note, I’d like to revamp my appearance a bit. I’ve been feeling pretty down in the dumps about my appearance and identity, I think it’s important for me to put a bit more effort in that department occasionally. I should buy ONE new outfit this month. I absolutely never shop, and I know I have about $10 to spare each fortnight after rent and groceries and bills etc, but I also know that with my birthday coming up my mum would love a chance to take me out and buy me a new outfit for a reason like this. I should ask mum when will be good for her to do this.

I’d like to reread guidepost 6 in a book called The Gifts of Imperfection which had some good ideas and thoughts about how to unleash your creative side.

I have some candle-making stuff I’d love to final use and make a few candles 🙂

I’d very much like to make this site look a little more how I’d imagined it. I have ideas, I need to put them into action (quotes on my home page, categories as tabs I can click on from the home page so that blogs posts are laid out as each month rather than simply in one long “journey” blog post page, I’d also like to add a category to document all the good memories with my partner so that when I’m down about us I have something to reference and help put things in perspective, and MORE).

I also think that in order to succeed this month I may need to inspire myself. So if I’m feeling drained, or without inspiration, I’d like to visit art galleries, go to music festivals, draw inspiration from nature, take photographs, draw on my gratefulness log to see if there’s a way I can see everyday things in a way that I find inspiring or thought provoking. I’d like to watch documentaries about real people being creative and expressive, I’d like to watch wonderful films in general (indie, arthouse, foreign, 5 Star blockbusters that have been on my list for too long).

Shit, even just taking some time to be on my own and reconnect with MYSELF will help with this particular focus. Taking a walk alone, going for a day in the city by myself, buying a bike and going for a casual bike ride, jumping on my motorcycle and clearing my head. Any of these things will help me gain some independence again, feel grounded, on my own two feet.

Essentially I have A LOT of things I can pursue. And every day I should be able to find SOMETHING on this list that I can achieve and thus attend to my monthly focus of expression and creativity.

And now that I think of it, this is actually a really good month for this focus/goal because it’s both Valentine’s Day AND my birthday this month. And it has JUST BEEN my 2 year anniversary with my partner. My birthday always leaves me in some sort of anxiety stricken identity crisis and in general big pressure filled events always draw me towards doing what I think is “normal” or “expected” and I tend to slip into bad habits. Essentially  with three big events in close proximity I anticipate that I’ll be drawn away from being an authentic and self-nurturing person, as I have before. I think expression and creativity may actually help me stay true to myself this time, and not get carried away with “I’m not enough” thought patterns.

In general though, this particular focus is not one that I think I need to incorporate into my life daily. After this month has passed however, I would like to be carving out a block of time once a week to be creative. I think it should be on Sundays, but if I miss one I make sure to recommit as soon as possible, maybe even making up for it somewhere in the following week. If I’m busy with study or other commitments I don’t think it’s too much to ask that I give even 10 minutes to recording a video blog entry, or writing expressively in my journals, or giving myself some me time by going for a walk or a ride, or putting a bit of extra effort into expressing myself through my appearance with fashion or something similar. Jeese, even if it’s as simple as shaving my legs, trying a new hair do, wearing make up or jewellery; things like this seem achievable to me even in especially busy times. And I think they are important.

I feel quite satisfied that I’ll have a productive month now. I’m happy with how I’ve fleshed this out. It also feels particularly good to have done this monthly evaluation on what I need and what is important to me at this stage, and how I can go about meeting those needs this month. So I will finish up here.

If anyone is reading this, and has any ideas or thoughts on how to tap into your own creativity and express yourself in a way that awakens you, I’d love to hear it.

Here’s to another month of thedocolumn and another month of doing.

Here’s to practicing my version of a happy, joyful, meaningful life.


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