Bucketlist project idea

Here is where I will write down my ideas for my bucketlist project until I’m able to piece together the ideas!

  • I’d like to do it in two sections; a continent (then alphabetically by country) section in the front, and then a “general activities that can be done anywhere” section in the back (or the reverse and upside down “front”).
  • I’m not reconsidering the above, I think I’d like to do two, one for world and another for general plus Australia 
  • within each country, I’ll break it down as much as necessary. For example, since I’m from Australia, I will have a LOT of things to do in each state, and then especially in specific cities, SYDNEY.
  • On each country page I’d like to include a map, any national holidays, travel facts in general such as currency, language and main religion. I’d also like to include what seasons they experience. When best to travel there. And anything else I can come up with.
  • For each country I will have a separate page for each “bucketlist item”, whether it be an event, a place, etc. There will be a page with details about it, and a picture or two. Approximate costs.
  • For the general activities section I would like to organise it somehow… but i’m not sure how. perhaps by season? no… perhaps by type of activity eg water sports, theme parks, spirituality, etc. I haven’t decided yet. But either way, in this section each page will have a different bucketlist item again (or depending on the way i categorise, i may be able to have multiple items on one page. BUT i think it’s better if I have one thing per page, that way I can provide enough details about how to MAKE it happen so I don’t get in my own way and make excuses. eg if it’s parasailing for example, have companies that do it, good places to do it, times of the year, costs, etc. Incidentally items on this lists may get ticked off in the country specific section, but it’s more of a wholistic backup list.
  • I’ll use a word document template on my computer, then print it out to add to my book. I’ll probably stick that print out onto thicker card though, I don’t want my book to be flimsy.
  • I’ll have to get my own binder hooks, a strong hole punch, my own card stock, and a heavy cardboard or something for the front and back cover, plus some sort of tab system for each country and each “type” of activity. the Country section will be the front, then flipped upside and back to front (you know the type) will be the general activities section.
  • I’m thinking I’ll do this as a scrapbook (two). Must be able to add pages, a3 would be great.

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