Recipe book idea

Originally I thought a website could replace my current recipe book idea, but I no longer believe that. I think (annoying as this may be to enact), … I think I need both!

So. The website will follow suit with the book. Essentially it will be a collection of my favourite recipes from all sorts of websites, personal ideas, friends etc. I already have a rough layout for the book. BUT, what I’m thinking is I have four main books.

1- tips and tricks OVERALL

2- breakfast

3- main courses for lunch and dinner

4- snacks (sectioned into what times of day the snack is for, ESP for close to bedtime)

In each of the last three books I may consider eliminating my first book as I simply would like, for each meal, to know roughly what I should be eating to be HEALTHY. So a picture of a portions plate or something might be useful.

I’d also like to include at the beginning of each book a “menu” as such. When planning a meal at home I want to feel like I’ve gone to a restaurant and I’m simply taking a breezy look over all my recipes. The annoying thing about this is it will need to be updated fairly regularly, but I’ll figure that out in my food focus month.

I MUST have pictures, colour if possible. And I’d like to somehow include them in my “menu” section too. Not sure on the layout yet though.

I have a clip bound book I got from a store called Typo… I wish I’d bought more of them but I’ve already found several similarities. I’m not really fussy on the layout or size, it’d be easier if it’s A4 so I can print things straight from my computer and wack them in…. BUT I can figure something out for half size too. I NEED TO BUY THOSE BOOKS THOUGH….


I’ll have to try kmart, Big W, Target, Typo, Riot Art and Craft, Eckersleys, Kikki K, Officeworks, Lincraft, Spotlight and any where else I think I may have some luck…

Struggling to decide how to make this idea come to life. Think it would be good as a flip book that I could stand on itself to read while cooking, want to be able to add LOTS of pages over time, want to be able to print a4 from my computer, don’t like the idea of a folder (too bulky… But the again a book with lots of pages might end up looking disorganised and bulkier in the long run), don’t particularly want to glue things into a scrapbook of sorts either though)


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