Day four of creativity and expression

My projects are so much more time consuming to prep for that I estimated!

I bought plenty of materials today but still not enough to properly get started.

For my quotes book I need to buy square card stock from office works. I also need to try and cut the holes for the ring binder by hand. I need to make sure I make y cutting slightly larger than the card stock size I get, to allow for overlaps and presentation and the ring binder holes!

For my recipe book project I need to go to office works and get some good sheet protectors. Then after that I need to size the against the wood I bought today, then mark where I’ll need to get my wood cut. Including space for the holes for the ring binders. Then I need to go to bunnings (or my parents house), get it cut and holes drilled. After that I can do some paper collage or a design or something on the cover.

For my bucketlist project I need a lot of stuff, the scrapbook itself would be a start though! Everything else for that one needs to come after I think.

I had a busy day but ultimately I still can’t start actually MAKING anything 😦

I probably have a lot of useful equipment at my parents house too that I should try and get on Tuesday when I visit them.

Such a busy day! But a few steps closer again 🙂


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