Gratitude 8

Haven’t done a gratefulness post in a while (woops), so here goes.

Air con- it’s been stupid hot lately. My apartment had an air conditioned gym. The times I was driving it was incredible having air con, and visiting my parents for the evening was amazing.

A pretty damn delicious burger- a place we go to occasionally is alright, but never as good as it was tonight. Yum!

Gym sessions- my partner, though only after some hassling, showed up on his promise to go to the gym.

Good breaky- made myself a really nice big veggie breakfast today.

Settled emotions- things seemed to have calmed down with my partner this afternoon.

Perspective- the unsettled emotions mentioned above probably happened, greatly because of the heat. When I was in the car with him driving to my parents place, and he cooked down, I realised how much of his anger was about the heat and not about me. Though that perspective didn’t solve all my issues, it did help a lot.

I was in a bit of a negative headspace today, so this is the best I can do. It hasn’t radicalised my thinking, but it has helped shift perspective a little atleast.


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