Gratitude 9

Grateful today for:

Friends to talk to- sometimes people say “I’m always here to talk” but then when you need them, they don’t answer the phone, or they are too busy to hang out, or they try to end the conversation before its started, etc etc. But today I really needed a friend to talk to, and I had one. More than that? One who gave helpful advice too.

Mum- just spending a couple of hours with her today doing chores mostly was pretty great. Forgot how nice it can be to have a mum to listen.

Timing- when you JUST make it to a store before its closed and they let you come in. She wasn’t happy about it, and frankly rather rude, but I was still grateful.

Forgiveness- I’m glad that my partner was eventually able to say sorry for some stuff that went down between us. And that it meant we could have an honest and compassionate conversation about how to move forward.

Great food and company- parents took my fam out for dinner and it was delicious and so nice to spend some time with everyone.

Discoveries- found an amazing little upcycling place in my parents local neighbourhood. Was inspiring!

Air con- same reason as yesterday! So muggy today.


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