Day eleven and twelve of creativity and expression

I’ve had a very creative day today. I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of finishing a project. I finished the cover of my quotes book project today. I also made serious headway on my recipe book project, am very happy with how my new bits and pieces for my bucketlist project fit together, and I even designed and completed my first quote for the quotes book.

I’m not even done yet either! I have intentions to get up to date with my recipe book project too 🙂

I’m so happy with how the three projects are coming together.

I have a complete mess in my living room though! I wish I had my own study so during Uni it could be a study then during holidays it could be an art and craft space.

That being said, I’ve managed to do quite well with the resources and space I have at my disposal. I just had to share what I have achieved 🙂 already! Not even two weeks into my creativity month!

I’m also using this post to remind myself of these achievements as I’ve been feeling like a bit of a failure lately. The heat has been so intense that I skipped both art classes this week.

But when I look around today I realise I’d been building to this, so I’m reassured 🙂


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