Gratitude 10

Man oh man, it’s not a million degrees anymore!! I feel human again! I swear, for a bit there I think I was part beast! But man, I’m SO SO SO grateful for the drop I temperature. I feel amazing.

I can have the doors open again, because now it’s not letting hot gusts of air in. I can appreciate the stream of sunlight because it’s not coming with heat I can’t handle. I can hear my water fountain outside because my door is open.

I can cook over the stove without melting. I can think much more calmly. I’m not on edge and frustrated at nothing. I crafted without sweating, an activity that should never bring about sweat patches! Not the project I’m working on anyway, which consists of calmly sitting at a desk, scrap booking.

Oh wow, it’s just…

Yes. Today, there is something I am most certainly well and truly grateful for.


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