Gratitude 11

I’m pretty stoked to have a partner who would not only be keen to make a thing of Valentine’s Day (since I personally believe there is enough excuses in the world to make a fuss of negative things, what is so awful about taking an opportunity to celebrate something beautiful?!), but also keen to go canyoning with me on the day!

Had a ripper of a time in the blue mountains running across rock faces, diving into small pools of water, abseiling down a waterfall. Pretty cool!

So I’m grateful for that opportunity in general 🙂

And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m also so grateful to have a partner who wants to make me happy. For instance, we were driving home and he insisted I pull over so he could drive the rest of the way because I was becoming more and more miserable driving in high traffic conditions. I’m grateful to have such a loving partner.

Another instance of using gratitude to turn negativity on its head? I’m NOT grateful for traffic, but I am grateful I have a car.

I WILL be grateful if it stops raining tonight for my outdoor movie screening. If it doesn’t stop raining I’ll STILL be grateful that I got to try something a bit different, driving through some beautiful parts of the city on the way 🙂


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