Gratitude 12

I haven’t really been doing enough of these lately.

But I’m trying to unload my thoughts before bed so this seems like a nice way to sign off for the day.

I’m incredibly grateful for my own strength today. Sick as a dog I completely took care of myself without relying on my boyfriend.

I’m grateful for my boyfriend. Though I have moments where i focus on the negatives and on what I don’t have, he’s actually such a kind, thoughtful, generous person. The onus really is on me to be more self-sufficient.

I’m grateful for penicillin! It’s really helping me knock this illness out of the way!

I’m grateful for a productive day despite an illness.

I’m grateful for my studies retiring, I’ve missed the structure of it. I’ve also missed learning.

I’m grateful for our housemate. She bought me an incredible birthday gift! And it’s great to have her home.

 I’m grateful for the headspace app, it’s really been helping me stay at it with meditation.

I’m grateful for soft tissues, and warm water, and honey.

I’m grateful for my house 🙂

Signing out.


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