March: Flexibility of body and mind

One of my big lightbulb moments from my last month was how great it feels when I become a little more flexible, someone who goes with the flow. Last month I experienced this in the sense of the mind, and I’d like to continue exploring that. I will carry over my meditation as previously stated, and I will be introducing an hour of creativity and expression (hopefully in the form of flow activities) once a week, but this month, my new focus that I believe will help with this particular feeling is Flexibility of body and mind. In my original one year goal list I had this written as:

  • Yoga, flexibility, control and being centred


So this month I’d like to pursue that.

I have no real extra notes on this one, as I feel it’s fairly straightforward, but here’s a brief set out of how I’d like to go about pursuing flexibility.

  • Yoga daily – trial different times of day, find what works best for you. Including combinations.For example, before/after meditation? I’m going to use online web posts to do this, my housemate has found a good one.
  • Yoga studio – I’d like to trial atleast one local yoga studio and find one I like. I enjoy doing yoga with others and in studios where everything is set up just right. I liked my old yoga place but it’s difficult to get to 😦 There’s one in Crows Nest I’d like to try, and also one in Willoughby. Either of those would be worth looking into for a class or two.
  • Meditation daily – though my headspace app (but also I imagine some yoga sessions will self-incorporate this.
  • Post daily on this focus
  • Post on gratitude when I can
  • Small acts of kindness when I can


That’s about it really!

I’m excited, and seeing as how I’m back at university now I imagine this month will be my most challenging yet! BUT, I’m determined. And I’m looking forward to it 🙂

I’m ready for March.

Let’s do this.


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