Day sixteen of flexibility

I must say, this month has been a bit of a crumbling mess so far. I’ve not practiced yoga since posting weeks ago, and I’m only posting now because I finally returned to meditation this morning.

Ironically, it’s been because I’ve been so stressed and busy, which is precisely the time I need to focus on these activities the most 


It’s been challenging. I have a million things happening in my life at the moment and I just haven’t had the space in my mind that I need to also consider my own goals on top of all of it.

But! I figure blogging about all of this is the best way to own it and move forward. I have a pdhpe class today at uni, and thought the weather is muggy and horrible, I’m hoping that since I’ll already be sweaty I’ll be motivated enough to come home and do yoga straight away. That’s the plan anyway.

I’d also desperately like to try out a yoga place over the weekend, just to get my foot in the door with sooooome exposure.

I’m always tired, and I just keep falling more and more behind with uni work (or so it seems), and it’s only week 3 of semester!

Whoever says being a student is an easy lifestyle is an idiot. It’s like juggling a million things at once.

Anyway, hopefully this little piece of self-expression will help…

And I had a good talk with my partner last night that I think will help too.

I just have to get back to my goals, remember they are there for a reason, they HELP me stay on top of things, not the other way around. Flexibility of the body and mind, I’m ready to commit again.

I’m open to doing again. Let’s go and do.

5 hours later, I did it! 🙂 I did some yoga when I got home from class 🙂 success!! 🙂

And I feel much much better for it.


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