Day nineteen and twenty one of flexibility

I forgot to post two days ago, but I managed to practice yoga again!

It was exactly what I needed PLUS it was exactly WHEN I needed it. I was feeling very hostile and aggressive, and since my apartment is being renovated I was feeling very stifled. I took myself to the gym and did my yoga there. Despite obstacle yet again, mostly from my mind, I followed through with yoga. And I felt wonderful afterwards.

I haven’t practiced since BUT I’m happy to say I meditated today.

This month has been a rough ride for my personal goals. A lot less personal time and a bunch of disturbances along the way. Parties and alcohol, house renovations, increase in workload, terrible weather, UTI’s and general illness sending me to the dr twice, new medications to adjust to, relationship ups n downs, mould spreading through my apartment and so much more. Actually, looking at that list knowing it isn’t even complete makes me feel proud I’ve stuck to my goals at all this month.

I’d like to say I’ll get around to practicing yoga this afternoon when I get home but seeing as how we have a plumber coming around I imagine I won’t have time nor the inclination. Especially considering I only got 6 hrs sleep last night due to my UTI. Thank goodness for antibiotics!
Anyway, another day, another journey. 

I got to my yoga this evening! Yay for me! Yay for my goals! Yay for DOing!!!


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