April: Mindfulness

I’ve chosen my monthly focus this time to reflect what I feel has been lacking for me so far. Whilst Mindful in May has a lovely ring to it, I feel I need it now and as such, in the spirit of mindfulness I’d like to listen to my instincts!

Mindfulness is there to teach me that it’s important not to shut out my thoughts, but embrace and accept things in the moment for what they are. Listen to my body and it’s needs. Listen to my mind and what it’s telling me. Paying attention in a very accomodating and calmly accepting way.

I’d like to start off my month of mindfulness by practicing mindfulness in this way. A calm and serene form of paying attention. If I have anxious energy? Do something about it/with it. If I need some stress relief, I should take some time to assess and meet those needs. Will meditating help me today? What about yoga? Or should I be reading my communication notes or my wellbeing plan to ensure I’m taking care of myself? Etc etc etc.

Basically, in order to ensure i do this, I will keep posting, but in a different fashion, I will post mindfully. What did I notice today? How did I act on it if action was required? And I will set up “mindful moment” reminders for myself three times daily.

When I have a little more time in a week or two I’d like to read up a bit on mindfulness. Ways to practice it. Body scans? Mindful eating? Mindful daily tasks? Etc

I find it important to remind myself here that the meditation practice I’m doing at the moment is distinctly different from pure mindfulness as I’m now at the stage where I’m meditating on something specific. Whilst this is, as I understand it, a form of mindfulness in itself, I also want to make sure I’m using mindfulness in a holistic way.

I’m looking forward to discovering what this part of my journey will reveal.

I’m ready to go and do, to be mindful.


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