Flexibility wrap up

It was a rough month for goals! So much so that I’m only even writing my monthly wrap up a few days into the next month!

However, all things considered, I managed to at least hold onto my goals a little, which considering the challenges I’ve been faced with, is something I’m quite proud of.

I’m disappointed I never got to a yoga centre, but cultivating a home yoga practice has turned out to be helpful in a very big way in its own right. It’s meant I’ve had flexibility in time! (As well as mind and body!) I can practice when and where I want, which has been the only thing the enabled me to practice at all this month.

I meditated a little too, but I realised meditation is most rewarding when it’s daily.

Yoga can easily be a 3-4 times per week activity, and I will be content with that, but meditation is some thing I want to continually work out getting into a daily routine of practice.

Overall, I learned a few good lessons this past month. But most of all, I really felt the rewards of my practice when I was able to find the time and space and energy and motovation.

I look forward to taking these lessons with me into my future.


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