Day one of mindfulness

Today, I was sitting down to lunch and I found myself in a confusing and contradicting array of states. I was tired yet wired, my mind felt like it was buzzing and yet I couldn’t think of anything with any productive level of focus, and I generally felt a little out of touch with what to do; I was feeling indecisive. And then I realised, these are precisely the moments that mindfulness can help me with; this is precisely why I’m choosing to focus on mindfulness this month.

After this thought I did too things: I took a few deep, slow and mindful breaths in and out, and then I did a quick google search on ways to practice mindfulness. I selected 7 websites whose authors/publishers I was familiar with and trusting of their reputation, and I started considering ways to easily incorporate more mindfulness into my life.

I wanted to list those websites here for a) a resource to come back to, and b) for any readers who want some direction from trusted sources. The sites are:


I found this little diversion from what my day would have otherwise looked like quite helpful, however I still feel the same way as I did when I began. Which suggests to me I need to take a proper break to meditate, and yet at university I struggle to find a quiet place where I will not be disturbed. AH HA! Hence the beauty of mindfulness, the whole idea is that it can be done anywhere and applied to just about everything as it is all about being aware of the moment you are in then and there.

Something on one of the websites caught my attention; it’s helpful to choose a “prompt” that will help remind you to be mindful. This can be a doorframe, an alarm, an object. Anything really. I’m finding limited success in my alarm I’ve set up on my phone. Most of the time my phone is on silent so I don’t notice it. So I think I need something else. But I’m not sure what….

I also like the idea of just going for a walk for the sake of it, no real destination in mind, using the opportunity to walk mindfully. I’d like to do that.

I also like that mindful people are more likely to dedicate time to creating. As much as I’ve been SORT OF staying committed to that goal, I will admit, with uni commitments ramped up of late the creative stuff has been shoved to the way-side, which is disappointing. I absolutely have to ensure this stays a priority, I ALWAYS finding it cathartic, it centres me, brings me back to the moment.

Something I found extremely interesting is that being mindful actually goes hand in hand with allowing your mind to wander, day dream and imagine. Then eventually, gently bringing it back to a place of focus. I found this an important lesson and particularly informing for my understanding of mindfulness.

Short bursts of mindfulness, too. I liked that one.

So all of these things give me another good take-off point for the beginning of my mindfulness journey. I’m going to enjoy this focus, and the brilliant part of it is that it will help me with ALL of my other ones. So very holistic 🙂

So what am I waiting for? Of I go to do! 🙂


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