Day four of mindfulness

My mindfulness journey has been an interesting one so far. Ironically, it takes mindfulness to practice mindfulness more often. Meaning, I have to remember and be aware that it’s something I need to do.

I’ve struggled to find a trigger for my practice, so I’ve still been relying on the app notifications I get, which are only partially successful. Basically I haven’t taken that many “mindful pauses” in my days so far.

However, that being said, I have been asking myself daily and several times a day what I want from my day or that moment. This has helped bring me to my studies, yoga, meditation etc in times that I’ve needed them. It’s also helped me recognise that my morning ritual had completely disappeared, so today I exercised, first time in over a month.

Overall I need to keep taking mindful moments.

I tell you what though, mindfulness really is showing me how busy my mind is alllllll the time. I stop for mindful moments and I’m instantly overwhelmed, confused, not knowing what I want. I’m experiencing a lot of self doubt at the moment. Assessments always do this to me though.

Anyway… What’s to learn from this post…. I guess I need to continue asking myself what I want because though difficult at times it is helpful. I also need to take more mindful moments I’d say.i really need to find a trigger for that other than phone notifications.

A mindful walk here and there wouldn’t go astray either, especially if it’s in the place of my fourth tv episode binge session.

I’ll keep doing, let’s see how it goes.


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