Social and emotional learning

Had a great class today! I’m doing a course on Social Development and we are currently learning about Social and Emotional Learning. We got to talking about drawing emotion rollercoasters of your day, to help kids learn about the different things that effect them.


It’s just an idea, but it seems like I could gain alot from it, and in the spirit of mindfulness it might help me ID what I need more/less of. I think it’d be great to draw my own emotional rollercoaster at the end of every day, just a little drawing! Takes 30 seconds really, such a great little exercise. I could do it in one of my diaries. Locking it in, becuase then I can also tag, what I should be doing already, and it’s to do a daily wrap up to help me switch off at the end of the day. A blogger I follow wrote about a little diary entry for mindfulness to do so I’m going to re-read that to refresh on the idea and incorporate this into my own mindfulness and SEL experience 🙂


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