May: social interaction

This is one I’ve been putting off, to be honest. It seems more daunting. Harder. Scarier. But, given my focus last month of being mindful, and what I learned about staying in tune of my needs, and that I’m reading a book called “feel the fear and do it anyway”…. Yeh, this seems like the right fit.

It won’t be without its challenges though. So I’ll need to go back to DEFINITELY BLOGGING EVERY DAY! For day one of this focus month, (despite it being the fourth, so tomorrow will be the “fifth” day), that is my one and only goal for this month. I know it this will keep me on top of things.

I have my challenges to start the month though! I’ve been stuck in bed sick for days. I still have an assessment to do. And it’s the fourth! Not the first! However, this focus will be good. Very good for me. A returning problem in my adult life is that I feel isolated from social connection. And what with some relationship issues I’ve been having, and other issues with losing myself into becoming predictable and having what i see to be a boring life, I think this will be a good focus for the month.

As for how to go about achieving it? I’ll have to work on that list when I’m feeling a little better. My initial ideas are to go to a few meetup groups, pursue a few hobbies even if it’s alone, go back to swing dancing,  I’m looking forward to it.

The other thing I’ll need to think about it what type of friends I feel my life is lacking: fun ones, males, teachers, etc etc

But mostly I just want to look at this as being excited to see what the world has to offer me, and I what I have to open it. Being open minded, welcome the world with my arms as open as I can manage.

Wish me luck. I’ll need to be brave this month. But I know what needs to happen.

I need to do.


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