Mindfulness wrap up

Well it’s the 4th but I’ve been very sick and forgot to wrap up my last focus month!

Mindfulness was, interestingly, a very relaxing focus in that it happened in a soft way, a more casual way. I didn’t feel the need to force it so much, or put in as much effort to focus on it. Perhaps I should have, but then again perhaps I shouldn’t have, because as it turned out, it was a wonderful reminder to just listen to myself, my body, and what I truly want out of my days. Eventually, I’ll be more aware of each moment, sure, but what I experienced this month was already an improvement. Just, tuning in. Listening. It meant I didn’t give up on continuing the focuses I’ve already had. Meditating, yoga, etc. Which means it would be a great one for the end of year, in future. Because it kinda of summarises everything. “Of all you’ve practiced this year, each day and each moment what do you want of those things you’ve practiced?”

That being said, it was a valuable lesson mid way.

Hopefully one I will continue to carry with me 🙂

Mindfulness, it has been… Awakening.

That’ll do.


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