Day 14 of social interaction

So I’ve not been very proactive with this months goal!

In fact, a two week break, some illnesses, and a few other things have really shifted my gears lately and I’m in dire need of a bit of a reset and a refocus!

So. As of tomorrow. I’m aiming to start moving forward with this goal in a bit more of a proactive way.

I’ve done a few things for ME this past week tho. Been creative and expressive. I’ve been my old friendly self, with strangers too (I used to be very chatty with people, but lately I’ve become shut off, so it’s been nice to rewind that a bit).

I’ve also seen some family, some predicting friends. But seeing as how today is the half way mark I need to use the rest of the fortnight to meet NEW people and put some effort into some NEW friendships.

I’m off to bed for now, but I’ll read through my goals tomorrow, the ones I wrote on this focus towards the start of the month.

Here I go, to do!


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