Day twenty two of social interaction

It would be very easy for me to be hard on myself for this goal today. That being said, when I stop to think about it, I actually did a fair bit, it’s just not as obvious as all. It’s more in the long term enabling of the goal rather than the short term immediate achieving of the goal.

I did two things. First, I met with a psychologist and we discussed lots of things about why social situations are difficult for me. A lot of abandonment issues and beliefs that I don’t fit in anywhere basically. Discussing things like this helps me realise that it’s just fear holding me back, and negative beliefs. Makes going out and doing it seem much more achievable when I have those conversations.

Second thing I did was a bit of research! Joined a few new meet up groups, emailed about a few sport teams, etc. Basically I actively gave thought to the type of people I feel are missing from my life and sought out opportunities to meet them! I realised I miss having male friends, and chill sporty characters. I realised I also would like some regular creative opportunities with like minded souls. Though most of my current friends are certainly creative, for some reason it’s not the thing we usually do together! Which id like to do, I get alot out of sharing experiences like that with others. Anyway, those were my top things I felt were missing! Aside from people with similar human rights type passions, but I don’t feel in a place to take that on just yet and decided to leave that to my “care about others/kindness” goal focus, where hopefully I’ll meet some new people through volunteering and such.

Anyway, all in all, not too bad today 🙂

Hopefully some of today’s doing will pan out! 🙂


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