Day twenty five of social interaction

I had a somewhat honest conversation with a convenor of one of my university units today! Being social with authority figures is quite… Well I’m not sure what the word for it is but it felt like growth in this domain.

I’m also seeing a friend this evening.

It’s been quite a social month when I look back at my activities this month. My social calendar has been jam packed! No new friends as such really, but, working on it.

And what I’ve noticed is, the more I socialise with my current friends, and act friendly and social in general, the easier it is to feel confident in that domain and strike up conversations with be people!

Plus hanging out w my friend more means I meet their friends, and stuff like that’s. It’s nice.

I am, however, disappointed I haven’t attended a meetup group or something this month yet. I would’ve been a bit more happy with myself if I’d done something like that by now. I’m running out of time!

So who knows. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have that opportunity.

In fact, right now, I’m going to get in touch with the volunteering opportunity I thought was lined up and ready to go yet didn’t :/

Off I go to do!


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