Day twenty eight of social interaction

The thing is, something this month has taught me is the value of alone time.

The past week I smashed my social calendar. I had something social planned for every single day of the week. And now I’ve come to the end of the week and I’m absolutely exhausted, personally drained, and really needing some time to myself to recharge, take a beat, etc. Social interaction can be so rejuvenating for a time, but I think that for each of us there is also a line. I’m starting to discover that line for myself. I’ve not given myself a lot of me time this month, and to be honest, I miss it.

I need to find some balance.

I’ve had two family outings today, and I just wish I’d had the day to do some things just me.

Social interaction should not replace alone time. There needs to be time in the week or day for both.

Doing has certainly taught me that this week.


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