Day two of gratitude

I’m ALREADY feeling the effects of focusing on the positives. What I’ve noticed about these focus months of mine is that I start seeking out opportunities to fulfill my focus goal for the day, and with gratefulness it means I’m looking at everything through the lense of finding a way to be grateful for it. Which is marvellous! So here we go.

Thing I’m grateful for: in visiting a friend today I was visiting a part of town I’d never been to before. And it was so beautiful. I was especially grateful for how peaceful it was. Hardly anyone on the streets, no hustle bustle like where I’m from. It was such a refreshing few hours.

Bad thing that I found something about it to be grateful for: my landlord has been really rude to me for a number of months about important repairs that are needed in my apartment. So today I had to write a very terse email, something I hate doing, but I’m grateful because the end result was that within half an hour he got someone to call about inspecting the problem. A good first step!

Person I’m grateful for: my friend that i visited. Her view on the world is so different from anyone else I know and I love it! Was such a great catch up.


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