Day six of gratitude

So. Today was one of those days that searching for things to be grateful for was helpful.

Thing I was grateful for: suuuuch a beautiful day today. Even in the morning, when I was still feeling very flat, I looked up and I thought, “wow, if nothing else, today sure is gorgeous.”

Finding the positives: I desperately didn’t feel like going to work today. I was in such a bad mood about it. But as it turns out, it was completely for the best, getting back on the horse. It was a good session and it renewed atleast a little of my confidence that I will be ok at my job.

Person I’m grateful for: my lecturer. He’s really made going to a 9am class something to look forward to. I sent an email to express my gratitude too, as I’ve had so few good teachers and it seemed like something I shouldn’t keep to myself.


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