Day seven of gratitude

Today was an interesting day of thinking of gratefulness.

Thing to be grateful for: absolutely stellar dinner and dessert, and I reclaimed some more of my self-esteem in my job. Which was great.

Negative turned positive: today it was rainy miserable weather, but in chatting with my partner I realised things I like about the rain. I love falling asleep to it. I love that I live in a country that has so much beautiful flora. I love I live in a country where we have enough to eat. I love how much life the rain brings. I liked having an excuse to wear my trackies to class. The rain? Not all bad. A lot to be grateful for.

Person I’m grateful for: today, I suppose it would be my tutors. I’m truly grateful that I had so many good teachers this semester, and I let all of them know by giving a heartfelt thankyou at the end of the last class for semester.

And that was my day. For my crappy mood at times, it certainly wasn’t all bad- lots to be grateful for.


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