Planning healthy eating

I’ve already basically decided what my focus for next month will be – healthy eating.

Which means ASAP I need to see either a naturopath or nutritionist, and I need work out some sort of meal plan for a month, to make certain I have the best chance to succeed.

I want to make sure I include:

  • one vegetarian day a week.
  •  new meals as well as old
  • creation of either new recipes or at best a new recipe book for healthy eating
  • paying attention to my mood to guide me what to eat (sister in law bought me a book, would love to use it!)
  • reading that book cover to cover
  • recipes off my own sister who has been doing Michelle bridges meal planning program thing
  • losing weight
  • three meals a day plus HEALTHY snacks
  • To remove junk food ATLEAST 4 days a week (goal would be to basically have next to none)
  • Read up about going “sugar free” – maybe should reconnect with a friend of mine that knows a lot about this. I’ve been putting off seeing her too much anyway, this is a perfect excuse, and gives us something to talk about.
  • Do some sort of elimination diet to ascertain if I have any intolerances (eg dr recommended me to drink a litre of milk due to dairy it tolerance assumptions). But in general get to bottom of my reflux, gut problems, and diahorrea
  • Mindful eating

There is surely more, but basically, the focus of this month is simply just to be healthy. Be conscious of what I’m putting into my body. Treat my body like a temple, and all that.

I wanted to get this down while I thought of it. Will come back and continue editing up until this month begins.


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