Day eighteen of gratitude

I had this realisation today that when I began this month I had to go out of my way to be grateful but now, I just AM being more grateful. Naturally. So that’s pretty wonderful. Anyway, on with it!

Thing to be grateful for: this renewed love I have for my boyfriend. It’s like I only just now fell in love with him and I’m experiencing all those happy, safe, comfortable, loving feelings for him for the first time.

Negative thing to be grateful for: my partner going away for a few days really sucks, but it’s kinda nice to miss him. Reminds me of the above, brought me to that, which is just wonderful. Other negative is the washing machine seems to be broken, and while that really sucks I was so grateful that what got stuck in the machine isn’t anything important at all, such a relief!

Person to be grateful for: free delivery dude. Local Thai place delivers for free and that’s so awesome. But that seems a little bit of a stretch to say it’s a specific person so I’ll also say I’m grateful for…. Gah can I say my boyfriend again?! He got me home safe and sound last night and waking up this morning in my own bed was just the best ever and I was so so grateful he forced me to go home from the party.

That’ll do me for now!


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