Day twenty of gratitude

With exams and a whirlwind of responsibilities my mind has been a blur lately, but I still think it’s important to take the time to remind myself to be grateful in times like this, so here goes:

Thing I’m grateful for today: was grateful to finish my exam early and have time to have a chat w a few different ppl, and take of my responsibilities quickly, leaving me with time to relax before work. I was also grateful it didn’t rain today, as getting to uni and studying on the way in the rain would be very difficult!

Grateful twist on a negative: having exams is never fun, sure, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to consolidate my understanding of things and an opportunity to make myself the best I can be. For that, I’m grateful for exams in my life. They make me work hard.

Person I’m grateful for: the vet! A free service at my local pet shop, saving me quite a bit of money. I’m also grateful for my employers being so understanding about my exams and other responsibilities- very kind of them.


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