Day twenty six of gratitude

Bit of a shit of a day so I feel I should especially make the effort to be grateful today.

Thing to be grateful for: discovering new things, and spontaneous adventure when my partner and I stumbled into a weird flea market. It wasn’t much but it filled me with a certain sense of… I don’t know, adventure I guess. Also got to try VR for the first time, which was a similar but parallel feeling.

Silver lining of gratefulness: after a gathering at a friends house we were offered a lift home! Having to trek on public transport would’ve sucked but it was so nice of them to offer to drive us home. I was really grateful for that generous offer.

Person to be grateful for: the ones who drove us home! The person who opened his home to us for the gathering. But mostly? My partner. He was wonderful, and falling asleep next to him was easily the best part of my day.

There, look at that. So much to be grateful for on a day where I was miserable for most of it. Even on the bad days there is so many wonderful moments happening around you. I need to be more careful not to get caught up in the negative so much that I stop noticing the lovely things happening around me.


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