Day twenty seven of gratitude

The day isn’t over yet, but I’ve already had a few nice moments I’d like to acknowledge.

On the bus to the train today the bus driver was playing music, and it was just so happy and lively. I really appreciated it 🙂

A heck of a gorgeous view on the way to my parents house today. Something that a million authors have tried to understand the beauty behind is water, I won’t bother trying to understand why it’s wonderful, but man oh man does it have an incredible impact on your state of mind.

Chair to myself all the way to my parents place on the train. Not that common and I was grateful for the personal space.

With my day almost coming to an end I figured I’ll finish off my post now, and what an absolutely exhausting day it has been. I’m not sure why, but lately I have been completely and utterly knackered. Past three days I’d say. Looking forward to a few very chill days at home.

Anyway, gratefulness.

Thing to be grateful for: my dads living condition improvements. My dad has MSA with parkisonian symptoms which means he cant speak, he can’t control his muscles, he can’t feed himself really, he can’t use a toilet, basically he can’t do much of anything! And while his health goes up and down while progressively getting worse, lately he’s had a really bad run. He got rushed to hospital some time ago due to a severe drop in his blood pressure, after which he stayed in hospital for 9 weeks or so. A horrible time for him. Then he got moved to a nursing home while the house gets emergency renovations as otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed to go home at all. It was god awful. This nursing home was out of a horror movie I swear to god. But today? He got a transfer. He is in the most lovely place. A place he deserves. A place that can take care of him, and I’m just so so grateful for that. For my mum too, because now she can rest assured he is being taken care of while she isn’t there. I’m so grateful for people who care.

Silver livings: as absolutely shattered and exhausted as I am, I’m so glad I went to help with the move today. My mum really needed me there and so did my dad. It was all worth it to know I helped them both so much. As tired as I am it feels great to know I was a good daughter and did the right thing. I acted like a decent person and that’s certainly something to feel grateful for.

Person I’m grateful for: tricky one because there’s so many. My mum, for showing me what it’s like to be a strong, caring, patient, kind, organised, efficient woman, and in general for caring about me. My dad for being such a wonderful addition to this world and my life. Certain nursing and aged care staff for taking care of both my mother and father through such a difficult time. Happy and pleasant people just because they bring such a positive energy to he world; even if they aren’t all that wonderful on a more personal level I don’t even mind altogether because they already contribute so much to the world just by smiling. I’m grateful for people who appreciate a smile as much as me, like this woman who served me my lunch today. She was happy I was smiling, which made me keep smiling, which made me realise how much happier the world would be if we outwardly appreciated others positive emotions! 

Anyway, I guess that’ll do for today. I wish I could’ve been more upbeat for mum as I was leaving, but I was just so exhausted, so I’ll just have to hope she knows how grateful I was and hope I expressed it in other ways through out the afternoon.

That’ll do: stay grateful 🙂


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