July: Healthy eating

Well I’m three days late with this post but that’s not so bad, luckily! This month will be a big challenge for sure. Healthy eating is something that has always been important to me but something I’ve fluctuated with a lot over the years! I’m booked in to see a dietician/nutritionist this afternoon, so being prepared for this month has paid off as there was a long wait list! I’m looking forward to seeing what this woman has to say as thee is a few things I’d like to address this month.

  • I’d like to take care of my gut! I’ve always had problems with things relating to that so I have a feeling it’s the sort of thing I need to maintain every now and again.
  • I’d like to feel better, mood and energy wise. I know that what I eat has a lot to do with how I feel day to day so getting some help with staying on top of that would be great.
  • I’d also like to lose some weight. I’m heavier than I’d like to be, and have been for some years now, and I’m confident that a few simple routine type changes to my eating and exercise will help me the best person I want to be. So I’ll start with food! Because it’s far to cold to be starting an exercise regime! I’ll have more success with that if I start in late spring I think.
  • I also think I have some sort of milk intolerance, or just highly fatty foods in general. Another thing I think is related to my gut!
  • I’d like to introduce more vegetables into my diet. I’d love to be mostly vegetarian aside from occasional meats, but I have far too much reliance on meet and wheat in my diet, so I’d like to address that.
  • I’d also like to try a few new recipes! Create a comprehensive meal plan so I can be organised and have food in the house that’s healthy and ready to go. I could even refer to the meal plan I put together in one of my health units at uni last semester. Plus I’d love to add a few things to my recipe book. I’d like to fall in love with cooking again while also having days of simple “food is fuel” “body is a temple” type attitude.
  • I’d also like to reduce the amount of both sugar and preservatives. Less fast food, less processed food, things like that. More cooking will help with this, such as making my own bread for example, or pizza bases, or sauces and dressings, etc, but I also need to start reading more labels. Make sure I know what’s going into my body.

There may be more than this but for now this is it 🙂

Big month ahead! Let’s do!


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