Meaning of life

I was greeted by my cats this morning in bed and while I was patting them and we were looking at each other lovingly I thought to myself “it’s these kinds of moments, this is the meaning of life.” The simple joys that give you this feeling of complete fullness. I think the simple joys are different for a lot of people, depending on who and what you have in your life and what things you get joy from, but generally it’s that feeling of “I feel so full in this moment.” Full of joy, or contentment, or passion, or excitement, or anger. It doesn’t really matter. It’s just that feeling of being really connected to the feeling.

Then I realised how easy it is to not only not notice these moments, but in doing so lose the meaning of life, and effectively eliminate the wonderfulness from a moment even though it’s right there- just by not noticing it! Acknowledging it. Appreciating it. Basking in the feeling it gives you for a moment.

My gratefulness focus last month has helped me come to this conclusion I think. Because through gratefulness we can do all of the above.

Anyway, just a few musings I had that I wanted to get down as it felt like an “epiphany” type moment for me.


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